A Love Scene Seen


Welcome to my scene from Evernight’s Love Scene Blog Hop. When the blog hop came up I knew I needed to pick a scene from one of my existing titles – yes I would have loved to write something new for two (or more;-)) of my existing characters but I’m currently juggling three non-writing jobs and parenting so a new scene would have to wait. However, the scene to pick was clear in my mind because when I think of Valentine’s day I think of going on a date, maybe even a first date. In my two short, short stories from Her Type of Guy not only does the reader get to witness an extra titillating first date, but the reader is not the only one to witness their love scene. I’ve decided to share with you an introductory snippet from my love scene seen:

From Delightful Consequences, in Her Type of Guy

A Lot of Fun

A Lot of Fun

“I’m going to kill him!”

Josie watched in surprise as Matt stormed out of the room he’d just led her to. Who was he going to kill and what had they done?

She looked around the room. Nothing was obviously out of place, except that everything seemed a little odd. Admittedly she hadn’t known Matt very long, but he hadn’t struck her as the type to have pictures of semi-naked women plastered all over his walls. That one looked like it could be Katie Price, it was hard to tell. Josie mentally tsked—if you were going to have breasts at eye level they should at least be real!

The bed was also disconcerting, made as it was in pink bed sheets. And the windowsill was lined with children’s collectable toys, the sort you’d find in lunchboxes from fast food restaurants. It all painted a very different picture from the Matt she’d come to know.

Unless . . . Was that what he was going to kill someone over?

She could hear him shouting the name Jon somewhere else in the apartment.

A few moments later he returned, red-faced. “I’m so sorry.”

Josie raised an eyebrow, asking for further elaboration.

“My flat-mate Jon knew I was meeting you for the first time tonight. He knew I really liked you. It seems he thought it would be funny to re-decorate my room in case I was lucky enough to bring you here. I swear his middle name should be Mischief. He’s always getting up to stuff— – not normally at my expense, though.”

“You really liked me, huh?” Josie wasn’t nearly as interested in the other stuff.

“It’s not every lady I give a love egg to,” Matt said with a smile. Then, clearly not over his friend’s actions, he added, “I just wish I could teach him a lesson.”

Josie secretly thought it was rather funny. No harm had been done. She’d never had a night quite this much fun before; : first in the restaurant, then daring to come back to Matt’s place (after quickly texting Terry to let him know), and finally this drama! Whatever next?


Matt really was going to kill Jon when he next saw him. His latest trick could end up ruining Matt’s evening yet, . tThere was no way he was going to sleep with Josie for the first time in a pink bed, that was supposed to be his, surrounded by adolescent images. Not that his cock would mind, of course; it had retired to semi-hardness when they left the restaurant but was just biding its time till action resumed and it got a bit of freedom to move.

There was always the lounge, but that was a communal space and didn’t feel quite right…but Jon’s room was free. . .

Keen to seize the moment, Matt swooped in to kiss Josie. Their first kiss. They’d rather jumped ahead of themselves in the restaurant. She tasted delicious; , all chocolatey. He licked gently into the corners of her mouth, chasing the taste.

Breaking for breath, he led her down the hall to Jon’s room. “Are you still up for letting me have my wicked way with you?”

“Where are we going?”

“Jon’s room. Don’t worry, he’s a neat freak; it’s like a hotel room.” Don’t let her say no now, Matt thought, the description he’d given was only a bit of an exaggeration.

She didn’t say no.

“Tell you what…” Matt loosened the black tie round his neck. He’d dressed to impress, wearing a black jacket, shirt and tie, above jeans. Pulling it over his head, he watched Josie carefully as he lowered the silk over her head to cover her eyes. She was going to think he was seriously kinky. Since she wouldn’t really be wrong, it was best she find out now. At the moment she was being beautifully submissive, acquiescing silently to all his unspoken demands.

“Is it okay?” He he asked gently. “This way you don’t have to worry about surroundings. If you’re not sure at any point you just have to say.”

“I like it.” She was his kind of girl.

Matt guided her slowly into Jon’s room and brought her to stand in front of the bed. He realised she’d have absolutely no sense of where she was, being both blindfolded and somewhere completely new. He savoured the knowledge that it would heighten her senses.

“I’m going to undress you now.” Would she also like his tendency to talk and tease? “I can’t wait to see your breasts. That top you’re wearing displays them beautifully but I can’t see quite enough.”

Leisurely, with a patience he didn’t feel, Matt eased the top over the gentle swells of Josie’s shoulders. It was loose-fitting except around the bust, and as soon as the tension was released it drifted to the floor. Matt sucked in a breath; her breasts were encased in lace so sheer he could see the detail of her nipples. “Yes, oh yes.” They were tightly furled, ready for his touch. “Do you have matching panties on?” He didn’t wait for her answer; hooking his fingers into the waistband of her skirt he guided it to the floor, and let her rest her hands on his shoulders as she stepped her feet out.

“I forgot, either you didn’t have any on to start with or you took them off for me at the restaurant. No, don’t tell me. I think they got so wet you took them off.” He leaned in to inhale her fragrance, his cheek brushing her curls in an intimate caress.

“Oh shit.” The voice from the doorway made Matt spin round, nearly falling on his arse in his haste. Josie shrieked.

“You weren’t supposed to be home yet,” Matt said, exasperation in his voice. Then he spoke softly to Josie, “It’s just Jon.”

She’d wrapped one arms across her breasts and covered her pussy with the other hand. She’d only let out the one cry of alarm and now seemed to be waiting to see what happened next.


Jon didn’t need to ask what they were doing in his room. He wasn’t sure what he’d expected would happen when Matt found the alterations to his décor, but it certainly wasn’t this. Three cheers for unexpected consequences!

“You don’t look suitably apologetic, Jon.” Was Matt really angry? It wasn’t easy to tell when he used his serious voice.

“It’s a little hard to be sorry when presented with such a lovely vision. In fact it’s a lot hard.” Truly, it was.

“You could have ruined my evening.”

“Clearly I haven’t.”

“I don’t know; Josie might not speak to me again.”

Jon was curious to see what Josie’s reaction would be. This was her first night with Matt and already she was blindfolded, yet she also seemed shy, trying to cover herself, unable to hide the blush heating her skin. A combination of embarrassed plus turned on perhaps.

“I’m not sure I’ll ever speak again,” her small voice piped up.

Jon echoed the chuckle Matt gave.

“I’m sure you’ll think of some way to get revenge,” he said to Matt. If only he could prolong this; he desperately didn’t want to be dismissed.

“I’m not sure revenge is the answer; you don’t need more encouragement. I think you need to be made to see the error of your ways.”

That sounded interesting.

Jon watched as Matt stood and pulled Josie into his embrace. He could just catch the words Matt whispered in her ear: “Would you like to help me punish Jon?”

Josie turned her head towards Matt. Jon suspected there would be a question in her eyes, if they could be seen.

To them both, Matt said, “I think it’s only fair if Jon gets to watch, but not join in. I haven’t decided about whether we should let him touch himself or whether he should be left totally wanting all night. Maybe we’ll see if we can make him beg.”


Now for the prizes!

~I’ll be giving away a small selection of erotic goodies to one random lucky winner who comments below- to be in with a chance of winning all you need to do is tell me which characters of mine you would like to see get an extra love scene, and why. Feel free to also suggest added details, such as where they might be, and at the end of the blog hop I’ll get creative and write something for the most popular couple/threesome.


~ The Grand Prize from Evernight: One lucky winner will receive a $100 Visa gift card for a night out to be randomly chosen from all blog comments. Don’t forget to include an e-mail address in your comment if you want to be in with a chance of winning.

To increase your chances of winning click here and hop along to other participating blogs and get commenting.


19 thoughts on “A Love Scene Seen

  1. I would like to read more about any of the characters actually I am a big fan of reading what characters are doing through their lives! I would really like to read more about Josie, Matt, and Jon. Jon seems like such a jokester I could see them in all kind of scenes together. Jon and Josie teasing Matt. And Matt and Jon trying to drive Josie crazy with need for them! Thanks for sharing! amybowens34@yahoo.com

  2. Your actually a new author for me. But based on what I just read I think Matt and Josie should get an extra scene just to punish Jon some more, lol.

    humhumbum AT yahoo DOT com

  3. I enjoyed that. I love when I can read something erotic and get a few chuckles out of it. I love erotica that isn’t so serious all the time. That makes the story less believable.

  4. You are a new author for me so since this excerpt is the only thing I have read by you as of now I would have to say Josie since she is blindfolded and Jon might watch, she should get a scene where Jon get to participate with Matt.


  5. I would love to see more from Arthur, James and Amelia. Perhaps a romp outdoors! The three are playing hide and seek and when one catchers her, he ties her to the tree and teases her until the other finds her and they tease her together. Kind of like a little red riding hood type of thing. I loved the excerpt! Thanks for the giveaway. It looks naughty (and I love it!).
    Jenni J
    jjacobs21 at radford.edu

  6. actually you are a new author for me so i am going to have to go with the three that you have in the excerpt. i would love to read more about Josie,Mike and Jon. in fact i would love to find out what happened next! LOL

    tammy ramey

  7. Hi! Happy Valentines! Great teaser! I want more! You have some fantastic characters! Id love to see more on matt. 🙂 Definitely makes me chuckle and swoon! lol Thank you for the amazing giveaway!

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