A Sexy Teaser…


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The Moving On… Series is all about stories where one of the characters is trying to get past a previous relationship that was either a bad break up or negative on the whole. They and the reader discover how it is possible to move on with the right person.

Have I got something on my face?” Jamie asked.

Blake smiled a mischievous glint in his eyes “I don’t think I’ve seen you wearing a suit before. It suits you.”

Jamie groaned. “Was that supposed to be a pun?”

Blake laughed. “Good God no.”

“Good,” Jamie said. “Are you intending to watch me undress?”

“Yes, I think you distracted me last time.”

Yesterday Jamie had deliberately distracted Blake, wanting to draw attention away from his body. But that was a whole day before. Just one night, or rather one afternoon with Blake had given him a burgeoning sense of confidence in himself. And more importantly a belief that he could be confident around others, even those he hadn’t known for years.

With deliberate slowness Jamie pulled off his tie and undid the top button of his shirt. He toyed with the next button down. He imagined the small white disc was Blake’s nipple and played with it accordingly. Leisurely he rubbed it back and forth between his fingertips.

From underneath his lashes Jamie looked at Blake, and for the first time he understood the term hungry eyes. Blake’s eyes glowed with an animal intensity, as if all of Blake was transfixed by a glimpse of Jamie’s chest. One by one Jamie undid the rest of the buttons and parted the two sides of his shirt. He followed his instincts and ran his hands over his own body. It felt strange to be touching himself like this. Strange but arousing. Everywhere he touched Blake’s eyes trailed.

“Show me how you like your nipples to be touched.”

Jamie had been beginning to think Blake was being unnaturally quiet. He raised one hand to his mouth, his index finger upright as if silencing Blake. Instead of whispering “shh” he moved his finger an inch away and slid his tongue up its length. When he reached the tip he sucked the digit enthusiastically, desperately hoping Blake’s mind was conjuring up images of him sucking other things.

He wanted to tease Blake mercilessly. To know that he was worthy of Blake’s arousal.

Withdrawing his finger he spread the moisture between finger and thumb then reached down and across for his left nipple. He painted around the nipple and dabbed at the tip. His nipples were sensitive. He needed only a light touch.

Blake’s groan drew his attention. Jamie had momentarily become absorbed in his own pleasure. He’d forgotten he was putting on a show. His audience didn’t seem to mind. Blake was still watching Jamie’s every move as if he truly was memorizing the movements Jamie’s body responded to. One hand was absently rubbing at the bulge in his trousers.

“Now show me how you like your cock to be touched. Last night I didn’t get a chance to learn you. I was too desperate for you.”

Jamie obliged. He stood and undid his belt buckle. He could have just dropped his trousers to the floor, but instead he pulled the length of the belt through his trouser loops before caressing the leather in his hands.

“Have you ever been restrained before?” Blake said eyeing the leather.

“No.” Jamie answered honestly. “But, I think there are probably a lot of things I’ve not done before that I’d like to do with you.”

“Good.” The one word was offered with such certainty it was all Jamie needed to know he’d pleased Blake.

Blake came a step closer and held out his hand. Jamie didn’t hesitate. He dropped the belt onto the waiting palm. Blake stepped back. “I’m still waiting to see you stroke your cock.”

Jamie undid the button on his trousers. He slid down the zipper.

Nothing rushed.

He dipped his fingers into the waistbands of trousers and briefs.

Breathe in, breathe out.

 He pushed all the material over his hips. Silence reigned. He gave a shimmy, and his clothes fell. He stood tall, exposed.

The standing still was torture. Blood thrummed in his veins, and he wanted to bounce on his heels. His cock was engorged, but his brain was also working overtime processing the feelings of excitement.

“You like me looking at you.”


He liked it a lot. Standing for someone else’s viewing pleasure was incredibly flattering to the ego, and in this instance Jamie’s ego was connected straight to his cock.

He fisted his very hard length and squeezed. Using his other hand he cupped his sac and rolled his balls. “The trouble is I can’t show you how I like my cock to be sucked, but if you come here I’ll tell you.”

“Tempting, but first I think I’d like to see how you like your arse to be touched.”

Jamie hesitated. Just when he thought he’d made himself as vulnerable as he possibly could Blake challenged him to go that one step further. He pivoted and turned to face his bed. Slowly he lowered the top half of his body in submission. Cool sheets soothed the heat of his face. Settled, he reached behind him and pulled his bottom cheeks apart.

“Beautiful,” Blake said, and Jamie felt it.


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